Element #17 (WOOD):
  Name: Wood
  Wood is flammable and spontaneously combusts at exactly 600C.
  NEUT can pass through wood, whilst deforming the wood.
  VINE will grow on wood when you place VINE next to wood.
  When a high-velocity particle hits wood, it will turn into SAWD.

Element #20 (PLNT):
  Plant is flammable and combusts at exactly 300 C, or when exposed to fire.

Element #59 (COAL):
  Name: Coal
  Coal does not turn to FIRE instantly, like other flammable elements.
  Coal starts turning red, pink, and then white when heated. When it is cooled down, it will continue to be light grey.
  It requires FIRE, PLSM or LAVA to start burning.
  Turns into WOOD when in contact with NEUT.

Element #73 (BCOL):
  Name: Broken Coal
  Heavy particles, burns slowly. Turns gray while burning, like charcoal.
  Turns into SAWD when in contact with NEUT.

Element #114 (VINE):
  Name: Vine,
  When vine is spawned, it grows in a semi-random pattern somewhat resembling grass.
  If placed next to WOOD, it will grow along the WOOD.