These element can pass through almost everything, excepts:
  * DMND
  * INSL
  * INDI
  * VOID
  * PVOD
  * VIBR (unless this element is E195)
  * BVBR (unless this element is E195)
  * PRTI (absorbs energy particles)
  * PRTO (unless this element is E195)
  * E187 (unless this element is E195)
  * E189 (in special case)

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Element number 173 (PROT) usage:
  Name: Protons (p+)
  Transfer heat to materials and removes any sparks.
  Collision products:
    * NBLE
    * CO2
    * OXYG
    * PLSM
    * POLO
    * URAN
    * PLUT
    * SING (needs extremely high velocity)
    * POL2 (when contact with E195)
    * BOMB (when contact with E195, but very rare, also not in graph)
    * EMBR (from BOMB explosion)
  .tmp2 flags:
    (x & 0x01) flag: does not combine with ELEC to form hydrogen.
    (x & 0x02) flag: is contacted with E195?
  PROT other transforms:
    turn DEUT into PROT, heat and negative pressure.
    turn POLO into PLUT (PROT gets absorbed)
    when passing through activated LCRY, turn PROT into PHOT slowly.
    when passing through INVS, turn PROT into NEUT.
    when passing through VIRS, it becomes permanent.
    when passing through WIFI, change WIFI's channels.

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Element number 177 (GRVT) usage:
  Name: Gravitons (G)
  Creates Newtonian Gravity at 1/5 of its .tmp value.
  It doesn't transfer heat to insulators.
  Created by OXYG fusion.

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Element number 195 (E195) usage:
  This is not X-ray. Also isn't neutrinos.
  When spawned, default emits ELEC.
  Clear VIRS's captured elements.
  When passing through BIZR, clear it's .ctype value.
  When passing through unpressured INVS, set .ctype to NEUT.
  When passing through FILT, that turns into PHOT. (FILT remains intact)
    * E195 won't transfer heat from/to FILT.
  When passing through ISOZ, it turns into:
    * PHOT (95%)
    * E195 ( 5%)
  Turns CAUS into RFRG. (when E195's (ctype != CAUS && ctype != NEUT && ctype != BRAY))
  Turns EXOT into high .tmp2 WARP.
  Turns URAN into PLUT when it's .ctype is PROT.
    * Also "scattering" E195.