Element #29 (BMTL):
  Name: Breakable metal
  Common conductive building material, can melt and break under pressure.
  Created by molten THRM at low temperature.
Element #30 (BRMT):
  Name: Broken metal
  Created when iron rusts or when metals break from pressure.
  Also created by fusion of OXYG in a gravitational well.

Element #52 (NBLE):
  Name: Noble Gas
  Diffuses and conductive. Ionizes into plasma when introduced to electricity.
  Created by fusion of HYGN.

Element #60 (LOXY):
  Name: Liquid Oxygen
  Very cold. Reacts with fire.

Element #61 (OXYG):
  Name: Oxygen
  Ignites easily.
  Created by fusion of CO2 or photosynthesis.

Element #65 (THRM):
  Name: Thermite
  Burns at extremely high temperature.
  Thermite can be generated by the means of mixing BRMT and BREL at > 250 C.

Element #80 (CO2):
  Name: Carbon Dioxide
  Heavy gas, drifts downwards. Carbonates water and turns to dry ice when cold.
  Created by fusion of NBLE.

Element #81 (DRIC):
  Name: Dry Ice
  Formed when CO2 is cooled.

Element #96 (WARP):
  Name: Warp
  Displaces other elements. (except DMND, clones and stickmen)
  When .tmp2 > 2000, emits ELEC until WARP disappeared.
  When .tmp2 >= 5000, Releasing high pressure.

Element #134 (EMP):
  Name: Electromagnetic pulse
  Breaks activated electronics into BREL and cause infinite spark loop. include:

Element #135 (BREL):
  Name: Broken electronics
  Formed from EMP blasts, and when constantly sparked while under pressure, turns to EXOT.
  When mixed with BRMT at > 250 C, turn into THRM

Element #145 (EXOT):
  Name: Exotic matter
  Explodes with excess exposure to electrons. Has many other odd reactions.

Element #148 (HYGN):
  Name: Hydrogen
  Combusts with OXYG to make WATR. Undergoes fusion at high temperature and pressure.