Element #1 (DUST):
  Name: Dust
  Very light dust. Flammable.
  Created by GUN + NEUT or heating DYST.
  DUST changes to FWRK when bombarded with NEUT.

Element #7 (GUN):
  Name: Gunpowder
  Light dust, explodes on contact with fire or spark.
  GUN changes to DUST when bombarded with NEUT.

Element #63 (YEST):
  Name: Yeast
  Yeast grows when warm (around 40 C).
  It turns into DYST when exposed to Neutrons or heated a lot (about 100 C+).
Element #64 (DYST):
  Name: Dead Yeast.
  Created by heated YEST.
  Turns into DUST when heated to above 200 C.

Element #102 (GRAV):
  Name: Gravity (dust)
  Very light dust. Changes colour based on velocity.

Element #116 (EQVE):
  Currently EQVE is a non-reactive powder that looks similar to DUST.
Element #181 (SAWD):
  Name: Sawdust.
  Floats on water, but not DESL. Heavier powders placed above SAWD will not sink in.
  It is created when high-velocity particles hit WOOD.
  It is also created when NEUT reacts with BCOL.