Element #5 (STNE):
  Name: Stone
  Created by BRCK under pressure.
  Melts at 710 C.

Element #24 (CNCT):
  Name: Concrete
  Heavy particles. CNCT is stronger than stone and is very rigid, it can be built on top of itself into straight columns without crumbling.
  It is the only powder to do this. Nothing can move through CNCT, no matter how heavy (including DEST).

Element #67 (BRCK):
  Name: Brick
  It's solid form of stone.
  It breaks at a pressure of 8.8 to form STNE.
  When .tmp = 1, the BRCK will glowing a faint blue.
Element #111 (PSTE):
  Name: Paste
  It's a quite heavy liquid.
  It solidifies temporarily under enough pressure.
  Turns into BRCK at > 473.85 C
  Paste can be manufactured by mixing WATR and CLST.
Element #112 (PSTS):
  Name: Paste (solid)
  It's solid form of PSTE.

Element #155 (CLST):
  Name: Clay dust
  Create by CRMC under negative pressure.

Element #179 (CRMC):
  Name: Ceramic
  Melting point: 2614 C + 10 P
  Maximum melting point: 5174 C at 256 pressure.
  At pressures below -30, CRMC breaks into CLST.
  Allows NEUT, PROT, GRVT and E186 to pass through.